• Tekline Korea Co., Ltd.

  • A-813, 184, Jungbu-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • TEL : +827077785814
  • EMAIL : tskim@tekline.co.kr
    Tekline Korea Co., Ltd.


About Tekline Korea

About Tekline Korea

"Who we are" and "What we do"

Tekline Korea Co., Ltd is an agency who provides various services necessary for development and mass-production of semiconductor products with agency partnerships with overseas OSAT(Outsource Assembly and Test), Substrate manufacturer and analysis service provider.

We provides various technical service for mass-production of semiconductor package assembly and test, and for prototype sample assembly such as MPW and ES as well. And we provides substrate, PCB and analysis services for semiconductor and electronic products as well.

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  • 2019.
    • Agency contract with ANST (Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology) in China
    • Agency contract with Gershin Electronics in Taiwan
    • Agency contract with Etrend Hightech in Taiwan
    • Agency contract with ZDT in Taiwan (Joint Agency with PIC Global)
    • NDA contract with MA-Tek in Taiwan
  • 2016.
    • Agency contract with Deca Technologies in US
    • NDA contract with Deca Technologies in US
  • 2014.
    • Agency contract with Sigurd Microelectronics in Taiwan
  • 2013.
    • Agency contract with Greatek Electronics in Taiwan
  • 2012.
    • Agency contract with TICP in Taiwan
  • 2011.
    • Established Tekline Korea in Seoul
    • Agency contract with IDS in Malaysia
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CEO Profile (TaeSoo Kim)

    • Amkor Technology Korea, R&D
      - 3D and NAND MCP Package Development
    • Samsung Techwin, R&D
      (formerly Samsung Aerospace, currently Hanwha Techwin)

      - New Package and Camera Module Development
      - New Package Development Planning
    • StatsChipPAC Korea, R&D (currently JCET)
      - New Package Development
    • Dongbu Hitek (currently DB Hitek)
      - General Managing for Package Development

Overseas Partners


    Packaging / Test

  • Sigurd

    Packaging / Test

  • Deca Technologies

    Packaging / Test

  • Deca Technologies

    Packaging / Test

  • Deca Technologies


  • Zhemd Ding Tech

    Substrate / PCB

  • Deca Technologies


  • Deca Technologies