• Tekline Korea Co., Ltd.

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  • TEL : +827077785814
  • EMAIL : tskim@tekline.co.kr
    Tekline Korea Co., Ltd.

Packaging and Test

Packaging and Test

Wafer Test and Final Test

We offer wafer testing and final testing services to provide full turnkey services for mass production from packaging to testing.

Tester and Handler
Application Logic, Digital, RF, WiFi, Mixed Signal, Analog, Linear, Power IC
Wafer Tester Accretech, Semics
Final Tester YTEC, Chroma, Credence, Advantest, Teradyne, AccoTEST
Handler Pick & place Seiko-Epson, Hontech
Bowl Feeder ISMECA, Tripod
Gravity Multitest, Semi-Jess
Map Accretech