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Reliability Test

Reliability is the ability of the product to perform certain functions under standard environmental conditions for a certain period of time, measured with the probability of failure and maintainability of the product.


In accordance with MIL-STD, JEDEC, IEC, JESD, AEC and EIA specifications, various reliability testing services based on various reliability testing standards are available based on expected/real-world technical specifications for the product and customer's requirements.



Component Level Reliability Test

- High Temperature Operating Life test (HTOL):MCC HPB-5C/ LC2/ LC1/KYEC HP-600/KYE 680/SSE B1120M
- High Temperature Storage test (HTST):ESPEC PV-231M
- Low Temperature Storage test (LTST):ESPEC :SML-2/PSL-2KP
- Temperature & Humidity Storage test (THST):ESPEC :SML-2/PSL-2KP
- Temperature & Humidity with bias test (THB):ESPEC :SML-2/PSL-2KP
- Pressure Cooker test (PCT/UB-HAST):ESPEC TM/EHS-221MD
- Highly Accelerated Temperature & Humidity Stress test (HAST):ESPEC TPV-432ZM/EHS-221MD
- Temperature Cycling test  (TCT):ESPEC TCC-150/EGNX28/EGNZ28
- Thermal Shock test (TST):ESPEC TSA-71H (air to air)
- Thermal Shock test (TST):ESPEC TSB-51 (liquid to liquid)
- Bias Life test (BLT):ESPEC PV-231M
- Reflow Test: TANGTECK SMD-10-M16HAO



(a)MCC HPB-5C  (b)MCC LC2  (c)MCC LC1  (d)KYE HP-600  (e)KYE-680  (f)SSE-1120M  


(g)ESPEC TSA-71H  (h)ESPEC TSB-51  (i)ESPEC EHS 221MD  (j)ESPEC PV-231M  (k)ESPEC PL-4KP  (l)SMD-10-M16HAO



Board Level & System Level Reliability Test

- Board Level Drop Test : Lansmont P30
- Board Level Temperature cycle Test : ESPEC TCC 150, ESPEC AMR
- Board Level Monotonic Bend Test : Instron 5967
- Board Level Cyclic Bend Test : Instron 5967
- Strain Measurement : Kyowa PCD400A
- Surface Mounting Technology:Printer (Hitachi)/SPI(TR7007M SII Plus)/Mounter(JUKI)/Reflow(SONIC)
- Vibration Test:IMV i240/SA3M



 (a)ESPEC TCC-150 & Data Logger  (b)Lansmont P30  (c)IMV i240/SA3M  (d)KYPWA PCD400


(a)HITACHI  (b)TR7007M SII Plus  (c)JUKI  (d)SONIC