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FIB Analysis and Repair

Circuit restoration and FIB analysis using FIB are important technical services for chip design.


We provide the various FIB services that customers need.



Precision Cutting

TEM Sample Preparation

IC Circuit Editing and Verification

Abnormal Process Analysis

Ion Channeling Contrast for Grain Morphology Observation

Auto-Navigation to Designated Failure Address

Passive Voltage Contrast Analysis for Fault Isolation



- (a) FIB circuit repair

- (b) Sn Whisker cutting

- (c) Cross-section observation of Pb-Sn Solder

- (d) Cross-section observation of a sample



- (a) Cross-section observation of a sample

- (b) FIB IC circuit repair

- (c) Cross-section observation under a solder ball

- (d) IC abnormality observation



- (a) Grain analysis/observation

- (b) Cross-section observation

- (c) FIB IC circuit repair

- (d) Cross-section observation of a PCB board



- (a) Probing pad

- (b) Big-area cross-section observation;

- (c) Cross-section observation after FIB circuit repair