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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of semiconductors and components is essential to identifying and improving the cause of failure during product development and mass production. We provide optimal analysis solution through various failure analysis methods.



Destructive Analysis

- Decap and Delayer by Chemical

- Decap and Delayer by Laser

- Decap and Delayer by Parallel Lapping



Chemical Decap and Laser Decap


OM Image after Delayer


SEM Image after Delayer



Non-Destructive Analysis

- X-Ray

- Scanning Acoustic Through (SAT)

- Optical Profiler (OP)

- 3D X-Ray Microscopy

- High-Resolution 3D Optical Microscopy

- Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)



X-Ray (2D and Tilt)


Optical microscopy (OM)


SAT Anylysis


Optical profiler (OP)


3D X-ray microscopy ; Cu Wire


3D X-ray microscopy ; Al Wire


3D X-ray microscopy ; (a)PCB substrat  (b) TSV void


3D X-ray microscopy ; (a)Mini motor  (b) Wire lifting




High-resolution 3D optical microscopy ; Wire Bonding and Gold Bump


High-resolution 3D optical microscopy ; WLCSP



Electrical Analysis

- Emission Microscopy (EMMI)

- InGaAs

- Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change (OBIRCH)

- Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy & Electric Field Microscopy

- Thermal Emission Microscopy

- Nano Probing



Emission microscopy (EMMI)




Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change (OBIRCH)


Thermal emission analysis image through IC’s front side