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Material Analysis

We provide a variety of optimized analytical services for structural analysis of parts.



Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Advanced EELS

Dual Beam Plasma FIB



Circuit Editing process. (a) IC decap  (b)digging holes and filling metal  (c) cutting and connecting wires  (d) Deposited pt wire  (e) cutting in M2



A SEM mode image of a cross-sectional IC



Ion Channeling Contrast ; Cross-sectional images of a solder ball by (a) OM and (b) FIB



TEM sample preparation : Pre-Thin



TEM sample preparation : Lift-Out



MQW structure of the white LED. (a) Low magnification TEM image. (b) Diffraction pattern (c) High-resolution electron microscope image



TEM image of Samsung DRAM. (a) Cross-section image  (b) The layout of the planar structure  (c) Cross-section image along the word line  

(d) Cross-section image along the bit line, where recessed gate can be clearly observed.



(a) ZrO2 - Al2O3 - ZrO2 dielectric layer in DRAM capacitance (b) ZrO2 - Al2O3 - ZrO2 dielectric layer can be analyzed by TEM/EDX.



TEM image of Samsung NAND flash. (a) Planar-view image of memory area  (b) Cross-section image along word line  

(c) Cross-section image along bit line  (d) Cross-section image of ONO between FG and CG.



(a) SIM image of Cu grains  (b) Locations of Cu grain boundaries after image processing. Twin boundaries have been removed (c) Size distribution of Cu grains.



(a) TEM iamge of poly-Si  (b) Locations of poly-Si boundaries after image processing.



(a)Plan-view observation of DRAM cell after removing capacitors  (b) Cross-sectional X-S SEM analysis DRAM cells at word line stitch  

(c) Typical X-S SEM observation of IC devices, 2M1P  (d) Plan-view SEM observation of ESD failure  

(e) IC reverse engineering  (f) Passive Voltage Contrast (PVC)



Near edge fine structures of EELS was used to analyze chemical state of the oxygen in different materials of the 16nm high-k materials



Bond pad and wire inspection, Solder bump inspection by channel contrast, C4 bump cross-section



Profile checking under BGA ball in CSP



TSV inspection