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Surface Analysis

We provide a variety of optimized analytical services for composition analysis of parts.



Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)/ Electron Spectroscopy of Chemical Analysis

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD)

Field-Emission Auger Electron Microscope (FE-AES)

Scanning Capacitance Microscope (SCM)

Spreading Resistance Probe (SRP)

Fourier Transform-Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Surface Morphology (α-step)
Thin Film Analyzer



Front side SIMS result : Copper is found in silicon substrate due to an artifact of metal migration caused by incident ion sputtering of SIMS.

Backside SIMS result : Backside SIMS measurement reflects the true result of copper dose and does not diffuse through barrier layer.



XPS : (a) Adhesion failure issue  (b)Identification of photo resist residue



HRXRD : (a) Thickness and composition analysis for a GaN epixaxial film  (b) RSM analysis of a GaN epitaxial film



FE-AES : (a) Depth profile of a Al pad (b) AES of a Al pad



Scanning capacitance microscope : (a) Cross-section dopant distribution on a SRAM sample (b) Dopant distribution on a CIS array



AFM : (a) Surface roughness analysis  (b) 3D image



Surface morphology (α-step) : 1D surface roughness analysis



Thin Film Analyzer : Single thin film thickness measurement, SiO2: 316.38 nm